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My virtual office is located online. I have worked with clients in the USA and the UK. If you have a phone and an internet connection, we can work together to create a complete marketing campaign that helps you identify and land your ideal job.  Unemployed, underemployed or considering a career change, we can construct a plan targeted to your needs.



“Thank you Joel for your help with my job search. In particular I found the 101 Job Seeker Tips useful in helping to plan my interview strategies. I also used the “What is your value message” to better present my career goals and how the job would help me to achieve my goals.

Finally, I would recommend Joel Quass’ job coaching service to anyone who is looking for work. Thanks again, Joel, for your help in landing me my new job.”

- K. Ferdinand, Harrisonburg, VA.

"Let me say I am HIGHLY impressed with this quality that you have provided. I knpw that trying to only use the elements you need and make them 100% is difficult, yet you nailed it first try!

​- A. Rivera, Perth Amboy, NJ

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Welcome  to Six-Second Resumes™, a professional resume writing service.

No I don't write a resume in six seconds, but that is the amount of time most recruiters spend reading a resume. If you have not captured their attention in that six seconds, your resume goes no further


​Poplar Lake Road, Stanardsville, VA

A Six-Second Résumé™ is a Value Based Resume that answers the question "why should I hire you?" Your professionally written resume includes keywords for your industry and your signature strengths showcased in a visually pleasing format. It invites the reader to learn more, to call you for an interview.

A recruiter or HR manager reading your resume will clearly see:

  1. Who you are.
  2. What your skills, strengths, talents, and qualifications are.
  3. What results you can produce better than other qualified candidates.
  4. ​Where have you produced results in the past.

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Unemployed? Under employed? Considering a career change?  Graduation approaching?

Invest the time to understand the skills you have, the knowledge you possess and the intangible assets you bring to the table. From their we can focus your job campaign; targeting the industry, the profession, the specific company, and job title. Once you know where you want to end up, the steps to get there become your marketing plan. 

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Successful Interviewing starts with the end in mind.  We will prepare for your interview by:

*Developing success stories. 

*Scripting answers to possible stumbling blocks including gaps in employment.

*Rehearsing your answers, building confidence in your presentation.

*Reviewing questions you should ask.

*Discuss what to bring to the interview.

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